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Excela Health

Our Locations

The Excela Health Diabetes Center is located at:
420 Pellis Road Rear, Greensburg, Pa,  15601
Telephone: 724-832-4300


In addition to our center at Pellis Road, we hold diabetes classes for "Living with Diabetes" and more at ...

• Latrobe Hospital
   One Mellon Way, Latrobe, Pa.  15650

• Frick Hospital
   508 Soth Church Street, Mount Pleasant, Pa.  15666

• Blairsville Medical Park
   56 Club Lane, Blairsville, Pa.  15717
   We also offer one-on-one diabetes education at this site.

For more information about our services and classes, call 724-832-4300.


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Excela Health
Administrative Offices
532 West Pittsburgh Street
Greensburg, PA, 15601