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Diabetes Center

Diabetes Care: It’s what you know that makes all the difference.

Managing your diabetes usually isn’t difficult, but it is personal. Every individual has different medical needs. However, everyone shares a common factor: the more you know about diabetes, the better – and longer – your life will be.

Excela Health provides the endocrinology services that go a long way toward diabetes control, including hormone, lipid and adrenal tests. But just as important are the variety of personalized education programs we offer to help you understand blood glucose control, gestational (during pregnancy) diabetes, nutrition counseling – including weight management, using spices and seasonings and carb counting -- and lifestyle and exercise coaching – dealing with stress, foot care, diabetic neuropathy and traveling with diabetes. There are also special classes featuring information on insulin pumps.

The more you know about your diabetes, the more actively you can participate in controlling it. Excela Health’s Diabetes Center is here to help.


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