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Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure, a growing public health concern, affects some 4.7 million Americans, with about 400,000 new cases diagnosed each year. To combat the effects of heart failure, we established the Heart Failure Clinic at Latrobe Hospital in 2009, focusing on lifestyle management that complements other treatments with the goal of reducing the disability linked to heart failure.

The clinic offers support and maintenance care that goes hand-in-hand with clinical care along with education and convenient follow-up care.
Patients at any Excela Health hospital diagnosed with heart failure are automatically referred to the clinic for follow-up within 24 to 48 hours after discharge.

For more information about the Heart Failure Clinic, physician referral or community health education and support, contact the Excela Health Call Center, 1-877-771-1234.

The American Heart Association explains the warning signs of heart failure.

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