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Having the right test done at the soonest possible time is easier for you because of Excela Health’s centralized scheduling. We make picking the most convenient location and the earliest availability simple.

Each of our hospitals provides a full range of diagnostic equipment and techniques, including the latest digital, video and imaging tools. Diagnostic options include:

• Standard Electrocardiogram (EKG). These results are available immediately system-wide by remote access.

• Echocardiogram (ECHO), both Transesophageal and Dobutamine versions.

• Stress Echocardiogram, combining a treadmill stress test with standard ECHO.

• MUGA Scan, which analyzes the heart’s efficiency in pumping blood via a radioactive substance.

• Tilt Table Test.

• Event and Holter Monitoring, which records your activity throughout a typical day.

ElectrophysiologyInterventional care and Surgery are treatment options. Cardiac rehabilitation is recommended after any of these procedures.

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