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Excela Health

Cancer Support Services

In addition to our extensive patient education library, we also offer support groups including:
Breast Cancer Education and Support
“I Can Cope”
US TOO Prostate Cancer Support
Smoking Cessation
Stay Smart Smoking Cessation
Telephonic Support Group

The Nancy G. Hoffman Complementary Health Services
Little things can make a big difference for those undergoing cancer treatment. The Nancy G. Hoffman Complementary Health Services honors a local woman’s wishes to help women manage the stress of cancer treatment. Volunteers raise funds and providemany of the services themselves in her memory.

Handmade robes, that are kept by the patients, have replaced hospital gowns for women undergoing radiation therapy. Massage therapy and music therapy help reduce anxiety. Classes in yoga, meditation and biofeedback promote relaxation and self-control.

Excela Health Home Care and Hospice
If help is needed, specially trained home care staff can make recovery or ongoing treatment at home easier. Services, including chemotherapy, medication management and education, injections, intravenous therapy, home health aides, palliative care and rehabilitation, to name a few, are just a phone call away.

Hospice Care
When you learn that someone you love is terminally ill, the news is difficult itself. Caring for that loved one shouldn’t be. Our Medicare certified program offers symptom control, pain management, physical, emotional, psychosocial, spiritual and practical support for our patients … and their families.
For more information about home care or hospice, call 724-689-1800 or toll free 1-800-427-1400.

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