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Foundation Leadership

Foundation Leadership and Staff

Frick/Westmoreland Hospitals Foundation Leadership
Our boards are poised to keep pace with the demands brought about by patient need and our hospitals' quest to offer the highest level of technology possible. Community volunteers give generously of their time and talents to accomplish those goals.

Westmoreland/Frick Hospitals Foundation Board of Directors
William Armor
Robert A. Boscarino, Treasurer
Gerald S. Browdie, DDS, Vice Chair
Ray T. Charley, Chair
David Dahlmann
David Delisi, Vice Chair
Terence Graft
Betty Hammer, Secretary
Edgar P. Herrington Jr.
Paul Kendi
Don Scott
Jess Stairs, Vice Chair
Michael Stewart
Carol Williams

Officers of the Westmoreland/Frick Hospital Foundation
Ray Charley, Chair
Gerald S. Browdie, DDS, Vice Chair
Jess Stairs, Vice Chair
Robert A. Boscarino, Treasurer
Betty W. Hammer, Secretary
Excela Health Controller, Assistant Treasurer

Ex-Officio Members
James Breisinger, Chair, Board of Trustees, Excela Health
Robert J. Rogalski, Esq., CEO, Excela Health
Controller, Excela Health; Assistant Treasurer

Westmoreland Hospital Foundation Advisory Board
Robert A. Boscarino
Gerald S. Browdie, DDS, Chair
Ray T. Charley 
Dominic Ciarimboli
David S. Dahlmann
David S. Delisi, Vice Chair
David Finui
Terence Graft
Betty Hammer, Secretary
H. King Hartman, MD
Edgar P. Herrington Jr.
Charles Loughran
Anita Owen
John A. Robertshaw Jr., Emeritus
Michael Stewart

Frick Hospital Foundation Advisory Board
William Armor
Robert Blum
Robert Dulla
Jack Gulisek
Richard Harrer
Louanne Hout, Vice Chair
William Jenkins, MD
Paul Kendi
Paul Mongell
Don Scott
Jesse Stairs, Chair
Verna Uber
Carol Williams, Secretary

Westmoreland/Frick Hospitals Foundation Staff
Evelyn Merriman, Advancement Coordinator


Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation Board Members
The Charitable Foundation looks forward to the future with a remarkable board of men and women - community leaders, captains of business and industry, philanthropists, civic-minded citizens - who volunteer their time and talents to help lead the foundation and secure the future of its hospital. Those board members include:

Arnold D. Palmer, Chairman
Sandra S. Mellon, Vice-chairman
Thomas P. Gessner, MD, President
Douglas A. Clark, Secretary
Joseph A. Scarpo, Treasurer
Nancy R. Crozier
David S. DeRose
Phil A. Dymond
Stephen R. Gooder
Richard B. Guskiewicz
Scott D. Izzo
James Kasperik
Wylie L. Overly, MD
William Stavisky, PhD.
Louis A. Steiner
Reverend Paul Taylor, OSB, PhD.
Virginia S. Wandrisco

Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation staff
   Thomas P. Gessner, MD, foundation president
   Norma Samide, foundation manager
   Maureen Crevak, foundation administrative assistant

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