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Dr. Friehling explains how
cardiac ablation is used to
treat heart rhythm disorders.

Dr. Asghar Fakhri; Indigestion
or heart attack? The symptoms
you  should never ignore.

Dr. Abid Fakhri on cholesterol;
why last year's good numbers
are no longer good enough.

Dr Rihn talks about healthy

Dr. Howard Brumberg explains
how cardiac imaging provides
a detailed look heart function.

Dr. Sandeep Arora explains
how a pacemaker gets your
heart back on track.

Excela Health has the latest
technology at all their cardiac
rehabilitation locations.

Dr. Mark Suzuki explains a
Minimally Invasive Technique
for Heart Bypass Surgery.

Dr. James Lynch illustrates the
benefits of radial heart

Dr. Maliha Zahid details the
symptoms of atrial fibrillation
and how best to control it.

Dr. Howard Grill explains
how a catheterization works.

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