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Clinical Performance Standards and Expectations

Δ Demonstrate kindness and respect at all times in every human encounter within the health care system.

  • Expectation: Relate to others with honesty, respect and clarity.
  • Expectation: Refuse to participate in gossip, perpetuate rumors or conversation that diminishes another’s reputation or actions.
  • Expectation: Demonstrate the highest standard of compassion, caring, clinical skill and service quality in each and every patient interaction.

Δ Be present authentically in the nurse/patient relationship, as well as respectful of the patient’s unique life situation.

  • Expectation: Give undivided attention to the patient during the patient encounter by using active listening skills and expressing a warm and calm demeanor throughout the encounter.
  • Expectation: Engage in a genuine teaching-learning interaction that attends to the unity of patients with their situation and with respect for their values and perspective.
  • Expectation: Protect the confidentiality of all patient information inside and outside of the Excela Health system by maintaining a “need to know” approach to any communication related to the patient’s personal circumstances or condition.

Δ Be open to others with sensitivity and compassion.

  • Expectation: Support coworkers in their efforts to enhance their learning, improve their clinical skills, or integrate into the work team.
  • Expectation: Participate in creating and maintaining a work environment that is warm, welcoming and inclusive of all coworkers, respectful of their uniqueness, and appreciative of their individual contributions to the work group’s collective effort to achieve a culture of “best in class” patient care.
  • Expectation: Develop and sustain a helping-trusting relationship with patients, family members and coworkers through expressions of personal warmth, sincerity and action to enhance their well being.
  • Expectation: Accept expressions of negative feelings from patients or coworkers without judgment or personal interference.
  • Expectation: Seek counsel or advisement if personally incapable of knowledgeably responding to the patient’s or coworker's expressed negative feelings. 

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